Total Education Management: International Students 9th-12th grade

We provide a limited service for a select number of outstanding international students whose parents do not reside in the same country. It is a program that is designed to assure parents that their child is receiving top priority and the best possible guidance and preparation for applying to ivy league and top tier schools. Under the careful consideration and planning of IvyEGG consultants, parents can be sure that their child is making the most of his/her opportunity during high school to increase chances at an ivy league or top tier college/university

Our International Student Comprehensive Service includes the following:

  • Assist with placement of Private or Boarding school including visa
  • Arrange housing and meeting of homestay family
  • Conduct frequent meetings with student to discuss goals, personal and academic growth
  • Create individualized exclusive opportunities of leadership, community service, summers, vacations, internships, and research
  • Plan and consult student’s academic schedule (GPA, AP, IB, Honors)
  • Meet high school teachers / counselors to discuss academic progress
  • Assess student’s strengths and weaknesses, academically and personally
  • Plan and consult regarding examination schedules (SAT I and II, TOEFL, PSAT, AP, SSAT)
  • Establish deadlines calendar for efficient and timely preparation of application, resumes, portfolios etc.
  • Conduct college interview simulation and one-on-one coaching
  • Assist in developing and editing Personal Statement/Essay
  • Provide general advice on financial aid and scholarship application process
  • Offer unlimited access to counseling services on admissions/enrollment after receiving application decision

This is an extremely intense, hands-on service where IvyEGG, in consultation with the
parents, becomes involved in virtually all aspects of the student’s academic and personal growth. Consultants from IvyEGG virtually become the “parents away from parents”.